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  • This site is driven by ad and information in the form of hyperlinks collected since 1996. If you find the site useful, we hope that you link to our site. We do not exchange links with sites, especially finance and ecommerce sites, with bad contact information. If you ask for a link exchange, you must link to us first. We do not answer if you ask us to link to you first.

    If your site is well designed and we find it valuable and you link to us, we will link to your site in at least two categories. Our link collection is so broad, that it is no problem to find two categories that your URL and / or subURL fit into. That is a win win situation. You must confirm it in an email where you describe exactly where your link is. New emails that is not on our safe list are automatically filtered to the spam folder. We scan that folder, so you must have your URL and a clear message about reciprocal linking in the subject field. If you use a banner link, we may use yours, but do not guarantee it.

    You may link by a meaningful text link. If it is possible, include the text financial information at your fingertips. You may also include the text. IT solutions for your web business. You are free to link to any page of this site without express permission, but no liability will be incurred for any consequences thereof, howsoever caused. You may quote results on this site, provided you link back to a valid page on or

    Examples of text links:

    <a href="" target="_blank">Financial information at your fingertips. IT solutions for your webbusiness.</a>

    <a href="" target="_blank">Financial information at your fingertips. IT solutions for your webbusiness. The evolution of search innovation. Professional link evolution and no artificial link inflation.

    You may also use the following banners:

    Example of banner links:

    <a href=""><img border= 0 src=""></a>

    <a href=""><img border= 0 src=""></a>

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