MultiFinansIt and MultiFinanceIt | Status.

The responsive unique version that may be developed inoto a PWA is discussed here.

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MultiFinansIt and MultiFinanceIt | Status.

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You may already know that is the company and there are related sites for English speaking people. To summarize
  1. is the company that owns the MiniNetwork
  2. is a related site for English speaking people that has been online since 2005.
  3. will get the content of since some use that old style.
  4. is the responsive website thar is developed to a PWA and requires payment, se post below.
Regarding the payment solution. First of all we don't check the epost where you have to supply a static ip dayly, so give us 14 days after you have paid and sent an epost with the ip address before you complain.

I work with an update of the whole mininetwork, with a foccus on that will be responsive and that is up and running back a payment firewall and is responsive with a finance and it news ticker.

The future plan is to have a complete update for by the summer 2022 and an update for the whole network by the spring 2023 when there may be an IPO that depends on further income for Ads / Sponsors and If we get a reasonable free cashflow from ads, sponsors and subscriptions the IPO can be postponed or eliminated.

The last video from MultiFinansIt's fb page, where you can become a member, post comments and questions. ... 106675596/

If you have quetions to paid subscriptions, sponsors, gifts and (preferrably contract) advertising in the network, ask here, on our Fb page or send us an sms or email with a clear subject that don't risk ending in the spam folder. We get so many unserious calls and contact by phone takes time and is for that reason, definitely not the best way to contact us before you are added on our phone list.
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