Saga Pure Q3 results

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Saga Pure Q3 results

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Saga Pure is an investment (holding) company that at present is invested in the following companies:
  • Horisont Energi 11,60%
  • Bergen Carbon Solution 28%
  • Pryme 3,90%
  • Heimdal Power 18,30% (Unlisted)
  • IC Technologies AS 32,60% (Unlisted)
  • Hyon 29% (Unlisted)
  • Greenstat minor post (Unlisted)
At today's prices, it gives a value of approximately NOK 781.5 million when the invested amount is included in the case of the unlisted companies.

With a cash balance of NOK 704 million, Saga has a value of NOK 1 485 million. This corresponds to a NAV of approximately NOK 3.10.

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