Dividend stocks and timing, an example. | Updated.

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Dividend stocks and timing, an example. | Updated.

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Updated october 30 2023 with this


thread. It is a must read before you invest in cyclical dividend paying stocks, especially shipping companies.

One of your best investments is buying solid dividend paying stocks during market corrections.

As an example, say that you bought the Norwegian stock MPC Container Ships (MPCC) at NOK 2 in 2020. You could have bought the stock even lower. What yield would you have on your original investement if the company paid NOK 0,70 and NOK 1,55 in dividend / share so long in 2023?

The company normally pays quarterly dividends, so the next dividend is NOK 1.64 / share june 29 th 2023 with last Inc-day june 20 th, that is Ex-day june 21 first.

This was an example and not an investment advice. The stock is volatile, and there are more solid (e.g. less volatile and stable) dividend paying stocks in Norway.

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  • dividend traps
  • dividend kings
  • dividend aristocrats
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