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The Norwegian History Centre

lies in an area important to the history of Norway. Avaldsnes, the royal residence of King Harald Hårfagre (Harald Fairhair) and the other Viking kings celebrated in the sagas, lies on the west coast of Norway. This fabled seat of kings faces the broad, inviting sea and is the gateway to two deep fjords that cut into the landscape. For 3500 years, kings and princes ruled at Avaldsnes and controlled the shipping that was forced to sail through the narrow Karmsund along "Nordvegen", the fairway to the North that gave Norway its name. Between the Bronze Age and Medieval times, Avaldsnes was the seat of kings and princes who had close contacts with rulers on the Continent.

At Avaldsnes they walk out of the history books and become real, the heroic kings from the old sagas and the songs, with their ships, gold rings and horses. Rich archaeological finds and written sources make Avaldsnes one of the most interesting places in Europe to study the history of the Viking age.

This area is also located near some of the Norwegian oilfields where Statoil is the main operator. Petrotech is another global company with Norwegian headquarter in the small town, Haugesund in the same area. If you visit this beautiful town, e.g at the time of the sildajazz in august, do not forget to buy a pizza at Europizza in the same town. I promise you, you will return the next day for more. Note that this site is under contstruction. Their priority is making and distributing their cakes and pizzas. You may combine a trip to Avaldsnes and Haugesund with, fishing, diving, or a visit to Hydro, another large Norwegian company. Subscribe to OTC News and learn more about the offshore oil industry in Norway.

On this site you can read the following:

"The mainland is long - 1752 km from the southern to the northernmost tip. The coastline itself is 2650 km long, if you were to include the length of all the fingers of the fjords it would be 10 times longer".

But as a fractal, fractal dimension about 1.52 the coastline is infinite, even if the area is finite. This is mainly a finance site, but fractals, the fractal market hypothesis etc. is very important in modern mathematical finance. You find an example of the use of multifractal analysis on this presentation.

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