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The silent revolution - Digital Branding!

Want to advertise on this page or site?

The visits to the site are increasing exponentially. It is very well known i the USA, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Finland, Mexico, Greece, Canada, Australia and UK. This list is ordered after falling numer of visitors in april 2005. Only countries with more than 10 unique visits are counted. The figure below as of midnight april 28 2005. One week away from office from april 29.

Vision and Goal

This portal contains free information. We will not require membership, donation or export it to an intra or extra net. Since there is not a free lunch, the site has to be driven by advertising or sponsoring.

The aim and vision is that investors and traders find useful information on these pages. Surfers shall find it focused and useful. The graphical interface is not quite stable, but as it becomes more stable, the user shall know it. He shall know where he found that special information or page. In addition the site focus on information technology that is related to finance and it shall have an ecommerce mini site when finished. It is now problem to copy anything on the internet. This site is copy righted and the Norwegian company name MultiFinansIT reserved. The global site is named MultiFinanceIT. The fields below are reserved for 6 companies and it costs USD 3000 / month to have your logo here. That is cheap. We know of sites that takes more than USD 5000 / 24 hours for dominant logos. It is cheap, because the site is new and have existed for only 8 months (september 04 - april 05). Time will show if it is worth it if you advertise. The link collection that you find on this site has been collected since 1996.

Fidelity is known as one of the larges fund managers in the world. We have rated some of their and other funds where we combined various rating methods. We combined Standard & Poor qualitative rating with quantitative methods. Fidelity updates their allocations by a certain time lag. Some managers then copy / imitate their allocation. But it is not the same allocation. Allocation in room is important, but allocation in time has become more important since professor Robert Shiller published his book Irrational Exuberance. With encrypted links, rotating banners and updated information, it is almost impossible to have an updated clone. You can copy the brand, but that is illegal.

"For the most part, human-edited directories like DMOZ and spidered search engines like Google serve entirely different purposes: Directories index sites, and search engines index pages. It's like the difference between a library's directory of the magazines in its collection and The Magazine Index or the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature.

If you're looking for a site about Elbonian travel, you might use a directory. But if you're looking for an article about mud kayaking in Elbonia, you need a search engine like Google. That's why human-edited directories can't be a substitute for spidered search".

Posted on the webmasterworld forum may 30, 2005 by the owner of

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