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Fine tune your site with advanced tools

"Enterprises are growing frustrated with the limitations of their current web applications. Rich Internet applications overcome the challenges by delivering great user experiences in a ubiquitous manner."
- Mark Driver, Analyst Gartner.

Macromedia have professional authoring and presentation tools to create advanced web-, E-commerce and E-learning sites. It can be expensive to buy cheap. By using an ordinary HTML coded shopping site, more than 80 per cent of the customers of a company of an online store quit. By reengineering the shopping function to a flash application, the quit rate fell to 5 percent. So you may drive profits by delivering better and integrate better client service validation to the site. Macromedia Flex 1.5, a rich internet application, complements the power of the Macromedia product family to build cost effective and customer friendly sites. Targeted selling and completed transactions, enhance customer loyalty. The most advanced stores will set up a Flex Presentation Server to deliver more.

The ROI increases by

  • less waiting,
  • less bandwidth,
  • less server load and
  • fewer errors.

and in the end you create content to deliver. Macromedia Captive captures and records content in a professional manner. You can create

  • interactive simulations,
  • software demonstrations,
  • effective E-learning and training.

Anybody can do it and you create professional results in a fraction of time and you use Macromedia Breeze to present and show it online. Captive has a lot of options and advanced editing features, so it enhances the Breeze experience.

These Australian people write, "Finally, a search engine that's really different. And the difference is obvious from your very first search". Try it out. They cross a search engine with an encyplopedia that is an effective filter against spam and clutter.

Accona is a relatively new search engine that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI). Accoona Artificial Intelligence is a Search Technology that understands the meaning of search queries beyond the conventional method of matching keywords. This user-friendly technology, merging online and offline information, delivers more relevant results and enhances the user experience.

"There's a big problem with most search engines, and it's one many people aren't even aware of. The problem is that vast expanses of the Web are completely invisible to general purpose search engines like AltaVista, HotBot and Google. Even worse, this "Invisible Web" is in all likelihood growing significantly faster than the visible Web you're familiar with".
Chris Sherman, Free Print June 2000.

Here, you find the invisible web search engine. You may find the metaserch option with topic "Business and Finance" valuable. Also try the more exotic options, web + advanced search or web + preference boost. Safe search may be turned on or off, so this is a very flexible searchengine.

Digital promotion.

We know more about the moon than about advertising on the web. Text link advertising is the new, hot topic for web site promotion and text link brokerage is a relatively new web business. Combined with an advanced key word tool like wordtracker, this may increase the page rank and drive your site to the top 20 pages listed. And that is what internet marketing is all about. Be seen and get fed or invisible and dead? The internet is the information and communication super highway. It is also a big library with links to information across the globe. In the "old days", search engine rankings were all about meta tags. Today it is about information and links. Some say text links with the right words is king, while other say content is king.

In a sense, MultifinanceIT, is a directory of directories and a directory of link collection pages and sites collected since the mid 90's. Directory of financial and information science sites located on the Internet. Digital communication and security. Data, information and communication logistics and much more.

Computer Repair


the Opera web browser that has tighter security against Internet fraud and new voice technology. The security feature for Opera's new version 8 desktop computer browser gives extra information on the identity of suspicious sites. The browser displays the underlying security certificate of each site -- an icon of a yellow padlock on trustworthy sites -- to help users judge reliability. It will also show where pop-ups come from. If the site says one name and the security certificate another you might get suspicious.

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