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Professional marketing with merchandiser programs.

Some affiliate providers, like LinkShare Corporation offer advanced and flexible solutions for their affilates. Through their merchandiser progam, they offer
  • consumers a merchandising tool.
  • Price shopping comparison tools.
  • Product search engines.
  • Datafeed of multiple merchants in one place.
  • Context linking to pages that complement each other between you and your merchant.
The Merchandiser program is targeted toward affiliates who can support a database of product links that are updated on a daily basis. By joining the LinkShare Referral Program you can participate in these programs.

Joint venture or affiliate program

If you have an affiliate or joint venture program or want to advertise by placing banners on some of our pages, send AD Request!!

"Remote or distant relationships inevitably require trust. While figures don't lie, liars do figure. The affiliate marketing system performs only as well as the depth of trust that exists".
Shawn Collins, InstrumentPro, Inc.

Google Page Rank (PR), is only a small part of your web promotion. PR means your site will be indexed more often. It may help better your search engine listings. One of the big factors is "voting". A vote reflects a link poiting to your website. Same thing with search engine listings and inbound links. The more you have the better your listings. For top rankings, it is a almost essential to take the time and get many inbound links. It should be treated as an ongoing task.

Website promotion is one of the most important keys to making your online business successful. Marketing on the web is about being seen and drive traffic and customers to your site. A lot of techniques are available.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) so it will be discovered by search engines.
  • Email and news letter marketing. There are right and wrong ways of doing this. Permission marketing or op-in-e-mail is correct.
  • Paid placement, inclusion and directory listing. Pay-per-click advertising.
  • Performance based marketing.
  • Afflilate marketing and joint venture programs. Text and banner link advertising. Smart links and smartzones.
  • Real Simple Syndication (RSS) delivers content to interested recipients' desktops.
  • Weblogs (BLOGS). Join forums and place links to your site(s) in your signature line. Use your main search terms as the link text.
  • Link swapping, link exchange or reciprocal linking.
  • Text link advertising, contextual link inventory. The internet seen as a combination of links and text.
  • Redirection og cloacking. There is right and wrong ways of doing this, mostly wrong e.g. confusing a spider with JavaScripts.
  • Bannerexchange.
  • Rotating banners that offers the surfer a "fresh" ad on every visit.

It takes money to make money. Develope an ad and tracking plan. It is an ongoing campaign. Search engines constantly change their methods of searching (algorithms) and new techniqes are constantly being introduced. Check the link popularity of a whole bunch of related sites all at once. Search on Google for your main search terms and find the websites that are competing with you. Then find which sites link to them by searching "". Email them and ask for a link exchange

A word of warning, do not join any link farms! Link farms, such as, sound excellent, but search engines (Google in particular) disapprove of them as blatant attempts to manipulate the rankings and they will penalize sites that use them. Once a site has been penalized, it is very difficult to get the penalty lifted, so avoid all link farms.

We do NOT tolerate SPAM of any kind. Double opt-in lists are fine

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